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Default Re: What kind of voices do you hear?

Originally Posted by TheWizard View Post
You know if you really are schizo you can't tell when you here if its real or not. Its real to schizo no matter how crazy it might seem. I can't tell whats real or not and thats what screws me up so bad. For now I've been doing really good lately but it never lasts. So I go from normal (when my meds are working right) to totally insane.

Someday, I hope to be able to do normal things like drive and have my own apartment. But first, I have to figure out how to do without some of my meds so I can drive and get a job to pay for a place.

I've been practicing art and I'm getting really good at painting. I just can't paint people yet. I can paint the landscape perfectly. Trees, roads buildings and other stuff is easy.

Oh well, I'll keep trying.

I can feel ya on that one. I'm a mother, and I'm really sick of not being able to drive, because my meds make me a little flighty and airheaded, and my visions get blurry, Im scared to death to drive.

And I think having an outlet is a really good thing. If theres one positive thing common in schizos, its that they usually tend to be artistic, and extremely insightful.
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