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Originally Posted by Bonesy555 View Post
hey again
so a week or two ago i asked about a clear liquid i was spurting. well now it is semen, white and sticky, but i've realized that i have to pee before i masturbate or else after i ejaculate a little bit of semen i have to hold back pee. is this normal? any solutions?
If I am reading your post correctly, then you have are you asking if it is normal to to urinate after ejaculating? If that is your question, then the answer is yes, it is completely normal to urinate after masturbate as that is your body's way of getting rid of excess semen in your system. As for urinating before masturbating, that is a good idea, too, to ensure you are not holding back any urine. However, it is usually a good idea to urinate after ejaculating, if possible, so that you can totally wash out any residual semen.

Originally Posted by volklracer15 View Post
Ok. well i mastrubated before puberty and i was wondering if this would make puberty farther away. is it normal to mastrubate????
Masturbating has absolutely no effect upon whatsoever on when you shall start puberty. Masturbating before puberty simply gives you orgasms, but you just don't have the necessary sexual development to follow through beyond getting an orgasm. Basically, masturbating before puberty will give you good feelings and have no other effects.

It is perfectly normal to masturbate. As long as masturbating is not taking up all of your free time or you are doing it all of the time, then you are fine. Also, as long as you are not masturbating to the point of rubbing yourself raw or hurting yourself, then masturbation is fine. One way or another your body is going to get sexual release either through conscious masturbation or wet dreams.
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