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Originally Posted by panther 09 View Post
ok now ie been masturbing for long time now, and no i want to masterbte with someone how should i do this ? is this right?
We are not allowed to discuss how to find jacking buddies around here.

As for experimenting you need to keep in mind the following:

1) Your friend may not want to do anything sexual with you and get creeped out and may no longer want to be your friend.

2) You two would most likely would want to keep your experimentation secret from your other friends as it could really be embarassing if what you do with your friend became common knowledge.

3) Experimenting could lead to more serious stuff with one another, and things could get awkward between you both.

4) You might question your own sexuality, and there is always the danger of one of you developing an attraction for the other while the other does not feel the same way.

5) Either of your parents could find out about what is going on and could disapprove of your conduct.

In short, be careful, and make sure that you look at the whole situation and the consequences that could result from masturbating with your friend.
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