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Originally Posted by Kiros72
Who said anything about religion?
Sure, I guess that you could infer it to be religious,
INFER IT TO BE RELIGIOUS? just the notion that theres a possibility its NOT religious will land you in hell, mate

here ill prove to you its religious and any christian who believes in evolution is no better than being atheist.

there ya have it, god created man, not monkies that turned into man. END OF STORY. its in the fucking bible kiros, the bible TELLS you that god created man, it doesnt show you. to say something cocky and stupid like "who said anything about religion?" is preposterous, because the BIBLE states it as fact. its religious beacuse its a theory propelled by a gospel of religious teachings. thats it kiros, thats the entire proof of creationism, right there in the bible. the bible says it to be true, so it must be, right?
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