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NO you will not become a will NOT lose your honor.....

Is your future at stake? That's debateable....I think everytime you have sex you're risking something. I can't honestly tell you you're not putting your future at stake and then you end up pregnant...cause as you know it is a huge possibility! I'm sure broken condoms are why a lot of people end up pregnant...

Only YOU can decide whether or not your ready....but I wouldn't...I mean, you never once said anything about an emotional said that HE said something about it but all you're saying is how you're tired of not having that good feeling...which is totally fine! if you want that for your first time then by all means go right ahead! Personally I would wait....maybe not until marriage and maybe not even waiting for someone else...but see how long he's willing to wait and what kind of pressure he's going to put on you make sense? Good Luck!

"An it harm none, do what ye will."
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