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Originally Posted by ANIMELUVER12 View Post
=_= um... ok.... XD i dont really dont know what to do when im... uh...... you know >>
If you don't know how tomasturbate, just remember that exploration helps. Maybe look at yourself, using mirror and just get to know what your body looks like.

Then you can start touching yourself - the obvious place to touch being your vulva. All girls are different so just try different ways of touching and soon you'll feel something that's maybe a little arousing. Go with what feels good.

The more you play with yourself, the more you get to know what you like. So, soon enough, you'll have your own way of masturbating and it's also useful with partners to know what you like. This way, you can direct them and hopefully they'll direct you, so you'll both get the most pleasure.

Just remember that having the right partner makes the experience(s) even more enjoyable, and that's not just sexual intercourse this applies to. So, until you are in a trusting relationship, you're probably better off just masturbating and developing your skills and techniques.

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