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Default Bad Boy?

ok. yesterday i went to a dance w. 2 of my friends, kerry n abbi, we were really bored cause there we only like 5 other kids from our school there n we just happend to not like them at all....we saw 2 guys standing against a wall they looked bored so we went ova to talk 2 them, their names are patrick n alex, they turned out 2 be bad boys.
Patrick had 115 detentions last yr. got expelled 5 times smoked n had sex wen he was 12 n hes 15 now...
Alex got arrested 4 times n had sex wen he was 12 n got expelled hes 14
They were havein so trouble w. some other guys there so we helped a little...nothing big happened...
Well at the time they both have gfs. They we hot n they were nice so we got there screen names.

I went home n went online alex was online the 1st thng he said was his gf broke up w. him......i was like y n he said cause some girl gave him a lap dance at a party he went to n he tried to push her off though.......n then he said nice stuff to me..he said i was the hottest out of me n my 2 friends....n we were talkin about weather n then i said i was cold n he said hes gonna come rite ova to my house to warm me up...but then he said woops cant drive yet..but if he sould we would come ova. But then towards the end of the convorsation he started talkin about his x n how he still care bout her.....i told him 2 ask her out again he said he didnt want 2....
i dont no wat to do should i still like flirt n stuff?
do u think they are 2 much of bad boys to hang w.?
should i help him w. his x gf if yes wat should i say?
should i like him even though he still cares about his x gf?

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