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My views on religion are probably here somewhere in this topic , but i will go ahead and state them.

My religion:
I follow a West African religion called Ifa. It it a very ancient tradition and it is not based so much off of obligation as are the Abrahamic traditions (possibly because until recently it was not centralized except for a symbolic, yet powerless leader). It is monotheistic and polytheistic at the same time (hard to explain, message me for details).

My Views on Religion (I am not trying to sound high and mighty; these are simply my opinions):
If one interprets ANY holy book/scripture symbolically, then they will see that all of the world's major religions are rooted in the same central philosophies. There is always a higher being that is responsible for the creation of the universe, and lesser entities that are still nonetheless holy, but manifestations of nature and or energies commonly found in the universe. The main differences are basically geography, interpretation of the lesser entities that are between the higher entity and us people, and how far we will deviate from these beliefs to satisfy our agendas as a society.
I believe that this higher being (God, Brahma, Allah, etc.) is not a male or female, or a humanoid-looking figure or an it at all; i think that it is the higher, singular force that binds and connects everything in the universe. I do not know what that force is, but it is what exists everywhere in the universe.

My Views on Christianity:
I dont have too much of an issue over the core tenets and morals of Christianity; what i do have an issue with is that these are seldom followed. Although all of my convictions come from second or third-hand observations, I have come to the conclusion that Christianity indirectly discourages critical thinking. If you look at the 10 commandments, one of them says (not a direct quote) "Thou shalt have no gods before me, for I am a jealous god..." That implies that there is more than one god, right? Whenever I ask a deeply religious Christian about this, they say that there is only one deity, and his name is God. Hmmmmm... Also, many hardcore Christians I know (I live in the South, there is no shortage of them) say that other religions are promoting idol-worship, even Judaism and Islam (which both recognize the same god is present in all of the Abrahamic traditions) are worshipping the exact same deity Christians are, just in Arabic and Hebrew.
Also, what irks me immensely is how Christianity fails to give due credit to the Kemetian and Pagan religions. Most of the core doctrines in Christianity are stunningly similar to Ancient Kemetian traditions, and in order for the Europeans to initially accept Christianity, the church incorporated the Pagan holy rites into the religion (Easter is based off of the fertility festivals and Christmas is based off of the winter solstice celebrations.

As to the initial question, I think there is so much criticism and hatred because we as human beings fear what we do not know. If we all knew more about each religion, then there would be less criticism and bigotry, and we would realize that the similarities are far more prevalent that the differences.
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