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I know.... That's what makes it so hard. I don't want to, but, it's so stupid! They don't do ANYTHING together. They just sit by each other.. I've never even seen them hold hands and word is they don't do anything. Every big social event he dumps her or doesn't go. Like last halloween dance, he dumped her, and the much dance a few weeks ago, he didn't go.... I know this doesn't mean that they don't like each other although it sure seems that way... But still, it just complicates things for me, because last I heard he likes someone else and he's hogging the girl I like...

And, gah, it's almost like he's using her so he'll always have a girlfriend on the side. I mean, he broke up with her because he liked someone else and then when he couldn't get anything going(he made it secrative too) he asked her out again. No one said anything to her because me and my other friend are the only ones that know. I wish I was better friends with her bf, that way we could hang out more like last year when my good friend was going out with her.

Not to mention it would feel so good to set the weight that has been on my back for ages to the ground... Even if she doesn't like me, atleast, I'd know she knows I'm available.. Now, it seems like I'm pushing away-no wonder she doesn't show much if she does like me. It's because I'm too pussy to. It's like I've built a big wall that we're just friends, and now I want to break it with a few simple words so that she knows how I feel.

*sigh*.... This is so dumb, it's like a big drama movie.. And guess what, I hate drama movies.

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