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Originally Posted by Awesdude2 View Post
Does it say anything about masturbation in the bible
also is it bad for you????
Interestingly despite all the debate over the sinfulness of masturbation, there is not one quote from the bible referring specifically to masturbation. Some people may tell you about the story of Onan, where they say he "wasted his seed." Recently they found out that it wasn't that he masturbated, it was that he took his penis out of her (I don't know "her" name) right before he ejaculated. It was his duty to provide offspring for the family because of the death of his brother but he didn't fulfill that so he eventually ended up getting killed.

I don't find it fair though how the Vatican made up those silly rules in the Catechism. If something wasn't in the Bible it's not in their. From a Catholic view, it's a disordered sin, not exactly a full sin but I don't wanna make a big commotion or anything like that. Many priests will most likely be supportive of you because of the changing attitudes towards this. I'm not much of an expert in religion but my family's very religious so I normally get hyped up about these things.

Am I able to post stuff that's a bit religious? I guess it probably doesn't have much to do with puberty for the most of you guys but it may potentially help (or limit) a bit. Just delete this then if it's not OK. Because I never wanna be banned from here.

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