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Default what should i do?

well, my ex girlfriend and i were so in love, and broke up once. then we got back together, and then she dumped me AGAIN. and she would always brake up with me around the same time of the month (if you know what im implying here) but then i talked to some of her friends and told em that. but they say she hasn't even started her period yet. Im 13, shes 12. Ive told her i still love her and put it on my myspace and left her a comment on hers saying i do and she just commented me back saying she was sorry for telling everyone at school i cut myself and she didnt know what she was thinking. but she deleted my comments off her page. we still talk a little bit at school and i just dont know... i still love her so much... i dont know if il ever get over her. i dont know if she likes me anymore... A few weeks ago, i told her i hated her and would never go out with her again for telling people i cut myself and spreading other rumors about me. but i regret saying that so much. And i dont want to ask her out again in fear of rejectance and other stuff. but i want her back so much!!! what should i do?
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