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Default Re: someone please help

Your story breaks my heart :*( I feel so bad for you! Honestly I cant even think of advice to give you except that well... Look. I have considered suicide before. The one reason you should not and why i didnt, is because why end your life? Because life seems bad? Well even if it seems horrible, death will not relieve it. And remember, as i assume you are still living at home, those that love you will always be there. Your dad WILL get better. Im half an atheist, but i still believe that love will always persist through pain. Your dad knows you love him. Just seeing your thoughts, I know that he knows. He knows that you are probably depressed that you cannot talk to him. He is trying his best to get better, and as long as you are always there for him, there is nothing at all stopping him from getting better. There is always someone to live for and right now that is your dad. As long as you believe that, everything will turn out fine. If you ever need someone to talk to, talk to me. I have dealt with a lot in my life (nothing close to this though) but i can help you. Please please please I cannot beg you enough, talk to people. Talk to me. Talk to someone because even if your dad cannot be the person to talk to all of the time, for the time being, other people can help. *hug* you seem like such a nice kid and I know you will make everyone happy no matter what you say. Honestly I dont know how to personal message on this so... well if you want to talk, i do have a facebook (never go on it, but for you I will go on it as much as possible). My name is Gabe Yayac. Please talk to me or if not, find someone to talk to about everything until your dad gets better.
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