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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

Well... I suppose in 3rd grade and 4th, I always thought "I should be attracted to girls" so I decided I was going to crush on the hottest girl in class. In 5th grade I started to realize that I was looking at the guys more then the girls. Didnt know this was bad until people started calling others "gay" as an insult. Then I realized "HOLY $#!+ I HAVE TO FIX MYSELF!" so i tried as hard as i could to be straight. I never had a very gay attitude (the stereotypical one) but obviously I liked guys. In 8th grade I was like "ok screw it. i dont care what people think, I like guys and Im happy I do!" Since then, I've been trying to get the one I am in love with to love me back. It is very hard to ask someone out when there are 3 factors... One:Will they say yes? Two:Are they gay? Three:What will be their reaction??? I am gay and I wont say im proud cause it makes me think of "Gay Pride" which pisses me off as i think of it as another thing homophobes think of when they think of gay people. Protesting with rainbow colored signs. However I am glad Im gay. I love boys and I would never change that for anything.
Edit: Also, anyone that says "your gay" as an insult, I will ask "why did you say that? is being gay bad?" Normally they just try to change the subject, but if anyone ever answers yes, I get pissed... not the best reaction but i cant help it ^^ 9th grade=best year of my school life so far
Edit 2: Gabe Yayac on facebook if u wanna look me up! I get lonely so friend me if u wanna ^^

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