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Default Telling her.

Hey, lately, I'm starting to think about telling this girl that I like her. Sure, it might not sound complicated, but for so long I've been her friend, like, not SUPER close friends, but we talk like once a day. And when she asked me who I liked and stuff, I'd never say her because I was embarassed and shit..

It's a terrible feeling every day, not being able to say anything and having to wonder if she returns the favor. It feels like a burden that gets heavier every passing day. So, I'm thinking of telling her. Only, here's where it gets complicated, she's going out with one of my friends.. My best friend and him have been hanging out lately. At the halloween dance, her bf dumped her. So, I asked if my best friend new anything.

He told me not to tell anyone but that the girl's bf liked another girl so they broke up. So then they didn't get together(the girl's bf and that other girl) and now the girl I like and her bf are together again. They break up all the time, and I've heard nothing about the girl he liked since. So I dunno how long they'll last. They've been going out off and on for a while.

Regardless, I think I might tell her. Her bf probably wouldn't do anything if he did find out and she probably wouldn't tell anyone anyway. I've been thinking of doing it via MSN..... But nah, that'd be gay.. How do I approach her irl when I see her alone some time. And should I tell her while she's going out with this guy or would it be too akward?

Any help?

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