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Originally Posted by <-Dying_to_Live->
i only read half of whaat you wrote, and only in parts. but somewhere near the middle u asked how fossiles could posssssssssssssibly be made. well guess what, ive seen one, so go blow a goat. besides, eveyrone knows that theres more evidence to support evolution than there is to support creationism, beause the amount of evidence that supports creationism is zero. the bible is not evidence, sorry
Yea I didn't read any of it
If I want to hear a bunch of myths and lies i'll talk to my local preist while he plays with the alter boys

Evolution has been PROVEN
face it its a fact
Evolution is, has and forever will happen

Adam and Eve is a legend created in the dark age to help people try and understand how they got here to provide them with a false sense of security and to help them deal with the dark and the unknown

They were wrong just like they were wrong about the earth being flat and it being the center of the universe and a ton of other crap that at the time made perfect sense but now we see it for how childish it really is

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