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Originally Posted by AtlantaWonder
Originally Posted by <-Dying_to_Live->
Originally Posted by Kiros72
And there is no evidence that actually supports Evolution. People have tried to use "Vestigial organs" as proof, but that could have been a microevolution in the species also, if the vestigial organs stayed in that species then why wouldn't it stay in others? When it comes down to it, there is no proof that either one is true - otherwise, they would not be theories.
no evidence? you must have been asleep in biology class. not only is it the only COMMON SENSE method, it has universal scientific backing. havent u read about the galapagos islands? i know you have. do you know what a fossile is? probably not. you lower the mean average of intelligence on this planet with fanatical theories like believing for instance that one man singlehandedly built a boat so large that a pair of every species on earth could fit inside. its total bullshit
roflmao dude im with you, kiros no offence but dont be so ignorant to the fact that you are completely tell me kiros ... all of this story of Darwin is a tale, a legend, a myth? Just to get us all would up about another way earth might of been created?

Im just one of those people that likes the idea of the big bang theory . . . .
Ah, so you think that since fossils exist, that it is solid proof that the evolution theory is completely true? LOL, well I should have guessed... And yes people, no evidence. There is absolutely no evidence. Now scientists looove to point fingers and say "OO OOO Look! They're nearly the same species, but they're not identical! That HAS to be proof that they are evolving!" Wrong, both - in case you only read the first line of every previous post - theories support micro-evolution. Oh, and what's this that has devoloped? You say that COMMON SENSE backs the theory of evolution? HA! Now you have mistaken commen sense for imagination. And for some reason you are using the Galapagos Islands as proof. Just because the islands were full of mocking birds and boobies? Does that proove that evolution took place? Nope. And some scientists support using radiation to measure how old the carbon in something is, but can you go back and actually CHECK this method? Didn't think so. LOL I can't get over the fact that you think fossils are proof that evolution is correct. "Cyrus", you do realize that things die, don't you? Isn't this apparent? The creation theory does not dismiss this fact, does it? lol In fact, did you know that creation states that this planet has been around for thousands of years? How could something possibly die, get burried in dirt, and become a preserved set of bones alllll within thousands of years? Look kids, the fact of the matter is that both Evolution and Creation are THEORIES. No one has been able to PROOVE either one. That is why they are THEORIES. So in other words
dont be so ignorant to the fact that you are completely wrong
... OK, since I know that's gonna be a tough concept for you to grasp, how about you actually proove to me that the Evolution theory is correct. Then I'll believe you and that mistaken theory.

You may begin...

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