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Originally Posted by PrimeXVendetta View Post
What would be a good way to come at a friend about masturbating? As in like doing it together, but not touching each other's penises?

Like watching something very arousing, then masturbating?
We are not allowed to discuss such topics on this website. You can take it or leave it, but the quickest way for things to get weird with a friend is if one does sexual things with him/her.

Originally Posted by vito22andolini View Post
is masturbating with a condom considered normal?

my penis bends lightly to the left , is this caused by masturbation ?
It is not weird to masturbate with a condom, and I would imagine it would make sense to do so as you don't have to worry about much, if any, clean up. There is nothing wrong or odd about doing what you do.

As for your penis' curvature, many guys have bends on their penises, and you are hardly alone. If anything, a penis bent is a good thing in the distant future when you become sexually active so that it is able to adjust to the vagina (or a fellow's anal cavity). Having a bend is not a bad thing at all, and don't worry about it unless your bend is at an extreme.

Originally Posted by vito22andolini View Post
i heard that masturbating while watching porn may cause erection problems later it true ?
That is not true as porn has no actual impact on your body to cause such a problem. You need to suffer an actual physical injury to affect your sexual functions such as circulation problems, brain damage, or damage to your penis for troubles with an erection. Also, some medications may cause problems with erections as well as some mental disorders. Generally speaking, unless you are an older guy (50+) getting an erection should not be a problem for you for a long while yet.
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