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Default Re: What kind of voices do you hear?

I hear voices and shit, got diagnosed with schitzophrenia two years ago,And since im in a psychosis (impaired perception) i cant shut them out o fmy mind.Its something that's bin going on for years and i have no hope of the future of them going away tilll the medication blocks them out of my head or gives me my ability to use MY mind to tell them to shut up and whatnot back.They can make you smell like something like burning wood and you think other people can smell it and your not sure if they can, it really schetches you out and makes you paranoid, and they are in your subconcious too because i found out their who reads to me and stuff whn i read something and they acutally made me forget my answer or wouldnt read the question right, it was hard to be absolutly sure of your answer and you had to triple check ,even if you knew you were right cuz they'd mess with you like that.And they tell other people EVERYTHING, if you like someone,if you gotta use the washroom you name it,you have NO security ESPECIALLY in big crowds cuz they;ll turn that buzz you hear into people talking about you and going oh yeah, and they fuckin HACK you and make you look like a fag dude it sucks.It really hard to tell if other people hear that stuff and if its actually them.Oh and when you listen to your pod or what ever you fell like THE WORLD can hear it and people tell you shut it off.Schitzophrenia is not cool man
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