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Originally Posted by Learn2Bsmart View Post
Its a good thing i found this thread right off the bat, cause i just now have masturbation related issues to ask you guys.

Recently, I've found it relatively hard and almost impossible to masturbate in the shower. But when i do and ejaculate, my "orgasms" are incredibly strong. Why is it so hard to ejaculate in the shower, but when you do, its so strong like that? Plus, I've read this a while ago in a question saying something about using one hand to masturbate and using the other to finger yourself in your anus. I've tried that a couple times and at climax, my "orgasms" are really strong, enough to me make shut my eyes and pant for a while. Even though i am straight, (and i know that for a fact because guy/guy sex is really disturbing), why do i find it very arousing when i fantasize that I'm the female having sex and not the male like i am?
To answer your question, I do this all the time. Its hard like that because the water makes it more difficult to concentrate on warming the feelings, as in if the water is cold or even warm, the feeling against it makes it hard for a male to do that. Its so strong because all the tension that is built up brings you to a more pleasurable and longer ejaculation.

Originally Posted by vito22andolini View Post
my penis bends lightly to the left , is this caused by masturbation ?
No, at least I don't believe so. Its usually a difference in the penis. Every penis is different, I believe, some people are circumcised, some aren't. Some are short, some are long. Its just a matter of uniqueness.

Originally Posted by vito22andolini View Post
is masturbating with a condom considered normal?
Some people find it that way. All it is is masturbating with an extra layer. Its definitely normal! Everyone has their own techniques!

Originally Posted by Johny View Post
Hey im new,... I have a question... Why do i get horny in class and why is it much more fun when my friends give me a handjob (usually in the boys bathroom at school)
Um not to burst your bubble, but giving handjobs/blowjobs or receiving isn't exactly okay. Its considered lewd, and you could get in so much trouble.

Originally Posted by Crazysam View Post
ok I will drink more water and will try again tommorow (i dont want to try today because i probably would be out of semen?) can someone run out of semen?

thanks in advance for all of the advice zach
Hey you can't run out of semen. After done masturbating, it takes, I believe, 3 hours for the regular amount of semen to return to the body.

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