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Wink Re: *** Official Male Puberty Survey ***

You and Your Body
Age: 14
Height: 5' 3.5''
Shoe Size: 9 1/2
Body type: Skinny-average
BMI: 20.9

Body Hair
[x] Facial: Moustache since 7 yrs of age, small beard hairs since 12 3/4 yrs of age
[x] Armpits: since 12 yrs of age, about an inch long. Can someone tell me why one armpit has more hair than the other?
[x] Chest: near nipples
[x] Stomache: some nice fuzz on belly
[x] Pubic: since 11 yrs of age, nd they grew once to 2 3/4 in. long!
[x] Butt: 1/2 as much as pubic tho
[x] Legs: very annoying, especially on thighs nd lower legs
[x] Feet: on my toes and on patches of skin close to my instep
Are you satisfied with the amount of hair you have? No
> Do you wish you had more or less? LESS, I don't know if the other boys shave, but I seem to be the only one with as much hair as I do. My skool doesn't do showers, just change, so I don't no how much pubes other boys have.

Put an X between the hair that you shave or trim, if you do.
[x] Facial: other boys admire me for it, but it seems awkward, so I'll trim it until only a faint gray ghost-mark remains.
[○] Armpits: doesn't annoy me
[x] Chest: since it only grows near my nipples, for now, it grows pretty long there. I'll shave the hair there (actually just'll cut it off w/scissors), though only two-three long hairs will grow, nd it'z not like a lot of hair grows near nipples.
[○] Stomach: belly hair isn't a problem
[x] Pubic: they grow outrageously long and outrageously fast, and in the past 3 1/2 yrs I've had pubes, I've shaved them completely off maybe about 4-6 times now. I assume other boys do, so I do too, but luckily it only takes them about 3 months to grow to a normal amount again. I always promise myself I won't shave them, but they get too annoying. Currently, the last time I shaved was on winter break, nd now it's march, so they're about an inch long, quite normal. I had a conversation among friends and they said that they shave, I don't really believe them, but in case they do, that's why I shaved. (I have no way of actually seeing if it's true, you see?)
[x] Butt: butt hair is completely ridiculous tho, nd it'z not like butt hair is sumthing 2b proud of, but I still havn't gotten those shaved, for fear they'll grow back twice as bad. Of course no one else knows nor have ever seen.
[x] Legs: another problem. They grow to almost 2 cm long, so I shave them. Not that I'm gay/bi, but the other boys either have fuzz or don't have any. I suppose they shave, and plus they also got girlfriends, so I assume they're straight.
[x] Feet: no-one really sees that except when I go swimming, but again no-one really looks at my feet. I still shave them too, maybe 2-4 times a year.
[Overall]: When they grow long, too long, I can't stand it, and I just shave. I don't recommend it tho, especially if the major of boys in your school/community have hairier legs.

Length (Erect): 7 1/2 in.
Length (Non-Erect): 1 1/2 to 3 in.
Girth (Erect): Probably 3 in.
Cut or Uncut: Well, I don't hav any skin covering my head, so I'll assume I'm cut (circumsized)
> Do you wish you were/weren't?: I'm glad I'm cut, but I wonder how it feels when you're uncut?
Do you think it's proportional for you height?: I'm too shy to "compare,", but I assume it may be a bit over-the-top (unless otherwise)
> For your age?: again, may be a bit too big when erect, and too small when non-erect
What's the average length in your mind?: when it's non-erect, probably 2-3in, when erect, probably 5-6 in.
Does your penis bend?: I'm not sure if it actually does, but sometimes it'll only be more towards the left-side, and when I push it towards the right-side, it'll always go to the left-side. But for the most part, in the majority of erections, it'll be perfectly straight 'n stiff.
> In which direction?: See above, when it faces another direction; I don't know if it's bending tho,as it's always straight; I don't consider this to be something to take to the doctor tho.
>> A lot, some or little? Maybe a bit.
>>> Does this concern you? No, not at all.

Have you started puberty yet? Definitely. I started growing a moustache since 7 yrs of age, but I don't consider that to be when I started puberty.
At what age did you start? Really tho, I started at 11 yrs, when I started to grow a little fuzz-pubes.
In your opinion, did you start late or early? Hmmm ... maybe a tiny-bit early, cuz I already started growing a moustache at 7, but for the most part, it started at an average time.
Have you ever had a wet dream? well, yes, but without the wetness.
Do you compare yourself to guys your same age? not yet, at least. Wish I could tho.
>> In what ways? --
Are you done with puberty? Not by a long-shot.

Do you masturbate? Of course. Who doesn't, except maybe God and Jesus? If you say you don't, everyone knows you're a liar. Everyone says they don't so everyone's a liar.
How many times per day or week? It used to be only evryday when I took showers, az I ''didn't no how to'' do it by hand. Then, I eventually was real horny, nd then I discovered how-2 do it by hand. Until recently, average was about 2 tymz a day or even 5-6 tymz a day if I was really bored. I took advantage that I wasn't baptized, but since I finally did, and as Roman Catholic, I will do that probably only up to 3-4 tymz a week. To discourage me, all I do is read articles explaining how in the Catholic world, masturbating is worse than rape, or consider how guilty I'll feel afterwards. I'm curently trying to abstain from it for Lent (40 days/ 40 nights), which lasts from Ash Wedneday in late February all the way until Good Friday on April 10th or 11th. I was successful for these first 3 days of Lent, but from when I was in bed last night and when I woke up, my erection wouldn't go down, and the urge was just so strong, so I sorta ''gave up'', but I truly can't, Now, I have to wait three days after Good Friday to do that again.
How old were you when you started masturbating? as soon as I started growing pubes.
What hand do you use? It cumz quicker with the right hand, so that'z the one I normally use, but I'll ''experiment'' with the left one sumtymz.
What do you think about whilst masturbating?- I used to think about how other boys' might look, ie sorta ''compare'' myself, except in my mind and not in someone else's presence. Girls are also another nice thing to think about, but now that I'm offically a Catholic, thinking about someone else while masturbating would be considered as lust and adultery. So now, I'll only do that when all the hornyness builds up, when it could be considered lesser of a sin, and when it takes no thought to achieve orgasm.
Where's the weirdest place you've masturbated? probably at someone else's house.
Where do you masturbate most often? Bathroom and sumtymz in my bedroom.
What technique do you use? The regular tekneek, just grabbing it and stroking.
Do you use any lubrication? If I'm in the shower (at home of course), I'll use a little body wash. Doesn't hurt for me.
Have you ever been caught? no, and I don't want to be
Have you masturbated with friends? No. Wish I could've before, but first of all I'm too shy to approach this, nd plus I don't want to endanger my reputation. 2ndly, I'm baptized, at least I've been baptized since a week now.
> Separated or together? --
>> Did you regret it or did you have fun? --
Are you flexible enough to suck your own penis? No
> If not, do you wish you could? Definitely
Do you ejaculate? Yes.
> If so how much? Sumtymz, if it's the third tym I've masturbated in a day, none will cum out @ first, then a small drop will cum out.
>> Spit or dribble? Dribbles most of the time. It spitted out maybe 3-4 tyms now. If I wait till Good Friday, it'll shoot out 10 ft probably. Can't wait.
>>> If spit, how far? (see above)
How do you clean up? Tissue. If I'm in bed doing it, and I forgot tissue, I either just let it dry or I'll cover it up when I put my boxers back on if I'm afraid someone's coming, or if someone is coming.
Did you ever taste it? No. Would be too awkward. Try to convince me to tho.
If so what was your reaction? (see above)

Do you look at porn? Used to.
If so, what types? Mainly images and not films.
Have you ever been caught looking at porn? No
Do you masturbate while looking at porn? Used to, but it wasn't lots of ocasions that I did that with porno. Now, I no it could be addicting, nd second of all, like thinking about someone else while spanking it, it's lust and adultery, so I stopped altogether. I don't wanna go to Hell now nor ever!

Sexual Orientation
Are you straight, gay, bi, or curious? 100% straight, as I admire the features of girls, especially their behinds nd their boobs, but a bit curious to see what another boy ''looks like'', az the only boy I've ''seen'' was myself. Doesn't make you curious tho.
If straight, do you think homosexuality is OK? Not a problem, but in Catholicism, it's immoral and not tolerated, so I'll be sure not to be gay any time soon. Nothing against gay/lesbian people tho.
What do you look for in a girlfriend/boyfriend? Never wanna have a boyfriend. In a girlfriend, I'd like it of she doesn't complain about my physical disadvantages. Would prefer that she be Catholic, don't care about ethnicity. Would like it even more if she has a great juicy body.
Have you ever had a relationship? No
If so how long?
Did you ever cheat on this person? --
> Did they find out? --
>> How did they react? --
>>>Has this taught you a lesson? --

Have you ever had sex? Wish I did
> What kind? --
>> Did you use protection? --
>>> What kind of sex was it? --
If still a virgin, will you wait until marriage to lose your virginity? Well, it would take marriage in order to make sex an unsinful act ... Hell no! If a girl approached me, and I am like really horny, I would accept it. No strings atttched.
What do you look for in a partner? (look in the section in the sexuality section of this survey, above)
Do you have any regrets what so ever? Would have lots of them
Do you think that younger people have sex out of peer pressure? If you aren't a pervert, probably yes, as it would be forced upon you, most likely. Except me. I'm always real horny, and have been that way since kindergarten.

People and Places
Do you have sleepovers with friends? Yes
Do you compare penis sizes to friends? Never have, wish I could tho.
Do you ever talk about puberty or sex with your friends? When they bring the subject up, I'll join in.
Have you been seen naked by family members or by friends? No
Do you masturbate with friends? No. Hoping I'll be able to soon though, you know, just to compare. Nothing really over the top. If asked to, tho, I would probably accept it. I wouldn't ask someone myself tho, as it would cause incredible guilt in me.

What would you rate this survey out of 10? 9.95
Are there any questions you think that should be added or removed? Probably about what a person looks for in a boy/girlfriend.
Any other comments you would like to add: If you're Catholic like me, I would consider really looking over some articles on It cheered me up and convinced me that most things I do concerning sex, ie masturbation and having sexual feelings toward especially another girl is not sinful, at least for the most part, and is a normal part of puberty. Send me a message if you want. I'd like LOTS OF advice on this. Lookin forward to hearin from you. If you speak Italian, you can talk to me in that language too (Sei tu parla l'italiano, ci può parlare a me pure)

[16/♂/US] /straight/
"Quando uma garota se casa, ela troca a atenção de muitos homens pela desatenção de um." —Helen Rowland

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