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Originally Posted by AtlantaWonder
the way that i look at the the only holiday that cannot be critisized at all is leperchaun day [ st patrics day] because
how everything can be critisized:
christmas: gothic and hate it, plus its been turned into a commercial holiday
halloween- religious folks sometime sdon tlike this, and it is also becoming a commercial holiday
4th of july- if you are english [LOL]
easter- [anti-jesus]

just my input hehe

i like christmas, dont get me wrong!
leprechaun day? i know u didnt say that. please treat the national holiday of ireland with a wee bit of respect and please its St. Patricks Day, notice the 'k', oh and its not even your holiday to begin with.

and christmas being gothic? u lost me there.

and 4th of july wats that got anything to do with england, just as much as St. Patricks Day is go to do with you.

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