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Originally Posted by Rockster1296 View Post
ok so i've been masturbating for awhile and recently after a couple times in a row my penis gets sore. is this normal? Also is watching porn ok?
It is totally normal for your penis to get sore especially if you masturbate in back to back sessions. My suggestion is to take it easy when you masturbate and reduce the number of times you jack off in a row so that you don't wear yourself out. Also, use some sort of lube, be it the actual sexual lube or a cream or lotion, so that you are reducing friction. Clearly, after you masturbate and you are experiencing discomfort, then hold off on doing it for a while until things calm down.

As for porn, I had given a response about this topic in the following thread, and you should visit:

Originally Posted by mrman21 View Post
I need some advice. I just got a girlfriend around a week ago, and already she is wanting to 'toss me off'. She has done a few times now, but I find myself coming really quickly, as in within around 2 minutes of her starting. Sometimes I will even come in my pants before she has touched me. I assume this is premature ejaculation, but now i'm getting worried. Should this stop after I've gotten more experience, i have never done anything with a girl before, is it just becasue i am so aroused and inexperienced I can't control myself or might there be something wrong with me. It's really embarrassing, and i'm not sure whether to be worried or not.
Your basic problem, as mentioned in your post, is that you have not done anything with a girl, and my guess is that the novelty of the situation of doing something sexual with another person gets you so aroused that you ejaculate spontenously; that is fine, and you have no worries. Just give yourself time, and once you start getting used to handjobs and doing stuff with a girl, then you won't have the problem as much. You are just hyper aroused and and inexperienced, and it will take time for you to control yourself. If anything good comes out of the situation, then at least your girlfriend knows that she turns you on so much that she doesn't even need to touch you for you to cum! As the post before said, you might want to masturbate a couple of hours before you get a handjob so that you won't cum so suddenly and can maintain control. Don't worry about ejaculating so fast as you will learn things with time, and if your girlfriend really care about you, then she will be understanding.

Originally Posted by redsoxboy View Post
I am 13 years old, and I have always used the prone position. I recently tried switching to the fist method. I have ejaculated 3 times. I can ejaculate once in a while, but most of the time I don't. Can anyone help me? Has anyone ever had this problem? Thank you in advance to all who answer!
I have had the same problem, and it can really be frustrating when you can't ejaculate all the time. Are you getting an orgasm and just not cumming, or are you not even achieving orgasm, too? I would definitely invest in some lube such a cream or a lotion as your problem might be something as simple as too much friction. Also, make sure your mind is clear because if you have a lot on your mind, then you won't be able to cum. Finally, make sure you are sufficiently aroused as if you are just masturbating when you are not really horny, then things are not going to work.

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