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Originally Posted by Clayton Bigsby
George W Bush has proposed an amendemnt in congress to not allow gays to marry. Gays don’t deserve the right to marry because the bible says marriage is between a man and a woman ONLY!
im pro bush, but this...uh uh....he says he is in office to make a better country and 2 give the people what they want. SO Y THE F**K DO GAYS STILL CANT MARRY!?!?!?!?!?! its unfair and injust. its like saying candians cant go in america, or irish cant have children. its the same f**king thing.

isnt it funny, that bush supports the death penalty, but doesnt support abortions. IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE
see, death penalty is 4 older people who have done something SO BAD, that they arnt allowed to live anymore. abortion is when the fetus has done ABSOLUTLY NOTHING, and gets killed because he or she was alive and the mother is a ho who cant stop having sex!

sorry about the languege

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