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Originally Posted by Superstar View Post
ur lucky im 15 and i cum everytime, sperm is sticky and hard to clean up i wish i knew how to wank before i could cum cause i would wank all the time everywhere with no clean up
What a lot of guys do, if you don't do so already, is keep a rag handy so that when they do ejaculate they can readily clean up their mess. While this is easier said than done, make sure that you ejaculate into places that can be clean up, and make sure that you don't cum into bedding that cannot be cleaned easily such as a comforter unlike bed sheets which can be put into a washing machine. Keeping a bottle of Windew or Glass Plus handy might also be a good thing to clean up any excess semen that might get in places that are awkward.

Originally Posted by Bonesy555 View Post
ok thanks a lot pontiac driver. o and one last thing, what are some signs i will see that come before being able to ejaculate semen?
Patchy pretty much hit the nail on the head, and the only thing I can add is that the way you can tell you are producing sperm is when you see globs of white/grey in your otherwise clear seminal fluid. Once your seminal fluid darkens, then that is a sign that you are starting to produce sperm.

My understanding is that you are actually ejaculating now, but you just are not producing sperm, right? What I mean is when you masturbate you get clear stuff out when you orgasm? The way a person knows he is going to orgasm is as Patchy said above, and your penis will convulse in a very pleasurable way when an ejaculation is about to happen.
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