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Originally Posted by Bonesy555 View Post
ok so im 15 and a half. i have masturbated countless times in the past 2-3 years and never ejaculated. i either use to pee or just spurt out clear liquid. my voice hasnt changed and i dont really have much armpit hair. im just trying to figure out if this is even close to normal for a almost 16 year old and also what are the signs that i will see before i can truly ejaculate?
While you are a late bloomer that does not necessary mean that there is anything wrong with you. For better or for worse you are part of a minority of guys who hit puberty later which is most likely more inconvenient than it is a problem.

As for your ejaculation issue, if you are spurting out a clear liquid, then you are producing seminal fluid which is the stuff in which sperm lives and uses to propel itself up a vagina. If you are producing this clear fluid, then you have achieved sexual maturity and are actually ejaculating. It just might take a couple of months for you to produce sperm as there is usually a lag time between a guy's first ejaculation and sperm production. How long have you been producing the "clear fluid?" Again, my thinking is that you are actually ejaculating now albeit you are not actually shooting out sperm right now which is fine.

As for the whole body hair issue, the reality is that some folks get a lot of hair whereas some don't get much at all. You can use your Father and older brothers as a gauge as to how hairy you will get. Keep in mind that some ethnic groups don't get particularly hairy with the folks from East Asia and Africa being relatively hairless whereas South Asians and folks from the Mediterrean regions being pretty hairy. Northern Europeans fall in the middle of the spectrum usually. If you don't get much, if any hair, then that is hardly a sign of your not being masculine. Body hair is a pain anyway, and be thankful that you don't have it. However, my guess is that if you just started puberty recently, then it might take a year or two for your hair to come in. I had a relative who grew totally normally for puberty, but he did not get any of his body hair in until he was 19/20, and he was totally hairless everywhere even on his legs until then. However, his hair came in quickly, and now he has normal hair.

Regarding your voice, that is super hard to say, but I had two cousins like you, and their voice changed by the time they were 17. They both started puberty around 15/16, but their changes went pretty fast, and their voices changed before they left high school. There is no science to voice change, but my guess is that it will happen within a year for you and gradually. Don't fret about your voice as it will deepen one way or another.

In short, you are a typical late bloomer, and you are not a freak or have issues. I hate to say it, but you have no choice but to wait things out. If this means anything, I would have much rather been a late bloomer and understood the changes than be an early bloomer and not be mentally prepared for the changes of puberty. Trust me, late bloomers catch up fast, and a lot of you guys end up becoming pretty big. The only thing you can do now is eat right (, stay active in moderation, and stay away from drugs and alcohol.
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