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Originally Posted by Kid
pfft like a dual core p4 even exists

just get the Athlon X2 it pwns the non-existent dual core p4 anyday
Technically, the Pentium D is just two 5xx Prescotts put together in one jumbled mess. is a dual-core P4/space-heater, to some extent. for mine.

AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Venice @ 2.2 ghz
1 gig Kingston Value Ram DDR400 3-3-3-8
250 gig 7200rpm HDD
X700 Pro 256MB OCed to 440/880 (Not too good, I know, but there's little airflow in my case, and the blasted card runs at 80c load)
Horrid Integrated Sound
Random DVD+R/-R, CD-R/RW drive
7 USB 2.0 ports
And some other stuff that I don't feel like running Everest for...

My next one will, depending on my activity level, will be a custom K9/K10 (When it comes out...), or prebuilt, god forbid it be a Dell...
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