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Default This World ( Plz Read)

hey, heres another, wrote it right now. Every "someone" in this poem is talking about someone I know, or someone I knew, Let me know what you think please..

Our World
I am 17 now,
and theres one thing I do know.
I'll never be truly happy,
until It's my time to go.

This world is just a circle,
of pain, of hurt and lies,
and no matter what we think,
This world will always cry.

Someone out there said something,
they never should of said.
And someone else just gave up on life,
with a bullet to his head.

Someone out there's crying,
while anothers getting high,
so he can numb his surroundings,
and watch this world go by.

Someone out there's screaming,
but not making any sounds,
A little girl went missing,
never to be found.

A girl out there was raped last night,
and to ashamed to tell her friends,
A boy out there just took a shot,
one more drink could mean the end.

a 15 year old somewhere,
just found out he's a dad,
and now he has to live with wondering,
about a life he can never have.

And to think that not to long ago,
I was a 7 year old girl,
believing I was living,
In a great big perfect world.

I am 17 now,
and there's one thing I do know,
I will be the happiest,
when It's my time to go.

We Were Meant To Live For So Much More..
Have We Lost Ourselves?
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