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Originally Posted by koler
yes but the fact that less people are contibuting to the useless slaughtering of animals. theres a story, of a man walking on a beach, and there are starfish, skattered all over the beach, all dying, all drying up and suffering in the heat. and he was walking the beach picking them up and tossing them back into the water. and a woman came up to him and asked, why even bother, you can't throw them all in the water, what does it matter. and he looked at her and said, it matters to him, and he threw a star fish into the water, and him, and he trew another into the water, and him, and him him. you can make a difference, even if other people are to blind to see it.
And what difference is that? They are going to be eaten no matter what.
Whether its from a quick procedure by humans, or by a nice bite in the Jugular from a predator, its still going to die.
So would you rather have preditors go veggie too?
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