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Default I Love You (But I'm Tired)

Just Another Poem, Let Me Know What Ya Think..

I Love You But I'm Tired

I’m tired of these feelings,
Tired of always wondering where you are,
I’m tired of hearing those noises,
And wondering If that was your car…
I’m tired for hoping for something.
Tired of thinking that “Us” could exist,
But most of all I’m just tired,
Tired of feeling like this…
I’m tired of mixed emotions,
Tired of this relationship,
I’m tired of always dreaming,
Wasting stars on this hopeless wish…
I’m tired of the way you treat me,
Tired of the games you play,
I’m tired of being put down,
By all of the things that you say…
I’m tired of the way you look at me,
Tired of how you make me cry
I’m tired of always believing,
All of those stupid lies…
Well..I guess that I’m just tired,
I’m tired of everything you do,
Tired of always trying,
I guess I'm just tired of you!…
I Love You But I'm Tired.

We Were Meant To Live For So Much More..
Have We Lost Ourselves?
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