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Originally Posted by Elokyn
I would make absolute sure he's single first.......normally I'd say make it sound like innocent convo but since ya'll flirt anyway just come out with you have a gf....
Once you do that...if you're really really interested...just pursue it...make sure you're ready for the long term commitment that you might be making, not only to this guy, but to his children. If you're around long enough they're gonna know you and become attached to you. Make sure that emotionally you can handle that. I actually think you can learn a lot about a person by how they treat their children...but that's just me. I wish you good luck!! I hope that was atleast a little helpful lol
Wonderful advise and I agree entirely. And it all goes along with the one good thing about him having kids is that I get a preview of the type of father/man he is... which is so important to me. As a kid who has experienced this myself, I know that if I walk into this, how much it will affect them, and that I can't just chicken out.. just something I won't do.

Hatred falls: I don't know, I didn't pry, I was still processing the information. But I do plan to find out..

Like I said, this is just unwrapping.. and I'm taking it one step at a time and seeing how it unfolds.. And I've learned to be careful...just in any relationship type sitution.

The nephew story from the summer... My brother has a beautiful year old son. I met him for the first time this summer and feel in love. I got the oppurtunity to babysit him off and on during my visit there and really bonded with him. At first I was scared of him.. I was scared I would bond with him and change my mind about ever wanting kids.. in my fear that I would do to them, what my mother and father did to me. But when he crawled over to me, and just sat there smiling at me.. I lost it. I went to Dillions with my brother and was walking around with my nephew on my hip... My brother turned around and said..'you know, you look to good with a baby on your hip'...and at that moment my whole mind set changed and I matured to another level.

Now for all I know..this could go no where.. but if it does, then I know I could handle it should he prove to be the type of man I am looking for.. And I'm here for college for 7 more years.. so I'm not going anywhere.
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