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Default Re: Played with my girlfriend

3 reasons it wouldn't be OK:
If you were uncomfortable about it.
If either of you have an STD (hopefully very unlikely)
You had full blown intercourse before the age of consent
But assuming you aren't any of these things, its ok!

Originally Posted by thesphinx View Post
If you are going to do this again in the future. I would suggest have some condoms on hand incase it starts going further. i dont know if you want that or not but when you in the moment.
it can happen.
PLEASE be safe if you go any further.
You are 12. "Going further" would be EXTREMELY unwise at the moment, with or without condoms. Do not allow it to go any further. Wait until you are a few years older, it is worth the wait.

"So now we can advertise condoms to kids, but not cheese, honey or bran-rich cereals"

I am always on hand to help. Well, you know, when I'm on, that is.
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