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Default Always In Your Dreams

Heres Some More Of My Stuff.. Let Me Know If You Think It's Alright? If Not I Won't Post Anymore lol..-Crazy Beautiful69

Always In Your Dreams…

Lose yourself in this darkness,
Fall asleep and close your eyes,
Stay here in this moment,
I’ll bring you back when the sun does rise…

Nothing out there matters,
While you’re here no problems exist,
Lose all the painful thoughts,
There’s nothing out there you will miss…

Drift away to anywhere,
Somewhere you can call your own,
I’ll lift the weight off your shoulders,
I promise here, you’re never alone…

Don’t dwell on past hurt feelings,
Block out memories that cause you tears,
And please always remember,
In your dreams, I always am here…

Close your eyes and fall asleep,
I will always be in your dreams…

We Were Meant To Live For So Much More..
Have We Lost Ourselves?
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