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Default Close Your Eyes(Forget Him)

Hey. I Wrote this poem for a friend of mine, who had been really hurt by a boyfriend, and I couldn't get out the words to her. Let me know what you think please..-CrazyBeautiful69

Close Your Eyes (Forget Him)

Close your eyes, forget him,
Let the memories wash away,
Pretend you never knew him,
And you might be okay…

Don’t spend so much time thinking,
Stop wasting hours hoping he’d care,
Get a hold of reality,
Realize life’s not always fair…

Stop letting those burning tears,
Stream down your pretty face,
Know that you’ll move on,
And he was just a faze…

You can find much better,
Don’t be afraid to move on from here,
There are other things to be scared of,
Loneliness should not be your fear…

You should never waste your time,
On someone who won’t waste theirs on you,
You deserve so much better,
And I know you know it too…

Close your eyes
(Forget Him)
copyright 2005

We Were Meant To Live For So Much More..
Have We Lost Ourselves?
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