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Originally Posted by DaTrooper00 View Post
Im sorry that i was in a rush when I was typing that and spelt Bilbe wrong, but what you are saying is that if you imagine it, it can be possibly real. Im going to throw out this guy I saw on the History channel like 2 years ago, so I dont remember his name, well sometimes when he went to sleep, he dreamt of magical places like Atlantis and he thought he could see the future, well some things he saw in his "visions" came to be real, is that hat you're implying?
Still didn't spell it properly...

No, you missed the point. I'm saying you don't need knowledge of something to imagine it. Referring back to the example of Otto Loewi, he knew what a jar, frog's heart, oscilloscope, etc... were individually. But, he didn't know stimulation of the vagus nerve would secrete chemicals, he imagined or dreamt it.

He imagined or dreamt of something he didn't actually knew existed. That is my point. Whether it actually came to be real or not is something different and for my point, doesn't matter. Perhaps it was my fault of choosing examples where things did come to be real that made the point somewhat difficult to understand.
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