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Originally Posted by INFERNO View Post
Lucid dreaming is when you are in a dream and you are aware that you are dreaming such that you can control, participate and manipulate the dream you're in.

And I think you answered your own question: to get fame. Not only is he a christian, but he's the man who went to heaven and back. That's quite a heavy title.

Coming from someone whose so devout in their belief, I assumed you could spell Bible properly. Spelling and grammar errors aside, back then and still now, people are capable of doing many of the same things. One of them is having an imagination. You don't need to know of the universe to imagine some wonderful place when you die that's elsewhere.

Another example, one which is more recent than your question but demonstrates the power of imagination to discovering something. In 1921, Otto Loewi dreamt of an experimental design that he didn't quite understand, so he woke up, wrote it down then went back to sleep. The experiment was as follows: two jars are filled with fluid and connected by a small bridge. Each jar contains a frog's heart, and both hearts are linked up to a recording device (I'll assume an oscilloscope), but only 1 of the hearts was stimulated electrically on the vagus nerve (a cranial nerve to the heart). As the stimulation increased, that heart beat faster, and so did the other one which was not stimulated. When stimulation decreased, both hearts also decreased their beats. The explanation was that the vagus nerve secretes a neurotransmitter or chemical, when stimulated. To increase, it secretes epinephrine (adrenaline, or EP) and to decrease, it secretes acetylcholine (ACh). Norepinephrine (noradrenalin or NE) was later discovered.

The above is just one of the many examples of imagination discovering something. Another example, although I don't know the date off the top of my head, was Kekule who dreamt of the benzene ring (C6H6), and lo' and behold, it was true and existed.

So, my point of these ever-so-exciting examples is that you don't need knowledge of something to imagine it. What sparked the person's imagination to dream of a nice paradise for those who are good when they die? For their souls or spirits or whatever to rest, look down upon them, help them, etc... .
Im sorry that i was in a rush when I was typing that and spelt Bible wrong, but what you are saying is that if you imagine it, it can be possibly real. Im going to throw out this guy I saw on the History channel like 2 years ago, so I dont remember his name, well sometimes when he went to sleep, he dreamt of magical places like Atlantis and he thought he could see the future, well some things he saw in his "visions" came to be real, is that what you're implying?

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