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Originally Posted by ThatCanadianGuy View Post
I guess you don't realize how horrible that is, what you've just said. Basically, as long as you believe in Jesus etc. you can get into heaven. Looks like Hitler is in heaven, along with Jeffrey Dahmer and countless other people who are otherwise completely evil.... but they had faith! So they're in heaven now.

You could be a serial killer, do unspeakable things... but if you repent on your death bed, you get saved.

Now when us rational people live GOOD lives, and are generally good people and treat everyone properly.... oh no. We get to burn in hell forever just because we don't have faith in the Jewish Zombie.
You are missing the fact that there is a difference between faith and believing. You believe that there is a God in heaven? Honestly, even satan knows that! My pint here is that Faith and Believing are two entirely different things.
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