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Default need help with RC project

ok the project is taking those annoying power wheels jeep that little kids drive around and making it radio controlled with a paintballgun mounted on the top

the paintball gun will be able to look up and down, and left and right from a remote control

first though i need to get steering down, ill either use a stepping motor, a large servo, or just a regular motor

the problem with the servo and stepping motor would be i would need a controller for them

as for the paintballgun ill be using servos to move it and a solenoid to fire, i have no idea how i will set that up for RC

any help appreciated

if someone can give me a link to buy whatever i need to control the servos/solenoid from RC would help also

(in short if you dont want to read all that... i need to find the best way to steer it, servo controllers, and a way to control the servos/solenoid from RC)

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