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Originally Posted by thePianoMan View Post
The Simple as that was to the question...why'd he say that, to get fame? There are several explanations for these experiences.
A near-death experience, or NDE, is a profound psychological and spiritual phenomenon that typically occurs during a trauma, health crisis or clinical death, although similar experiences can happen spontaneously in emotionally intense situations or during every-day life. Each near-death experience is unique, but as a group NDEs display common features. By itself, coming close to death without any of these special features is not what is meant by a "near-death experience."

No scientific explanation so far accounts for all aspects of NDEs or their effects. For example, lack of oxygen is not a factor in all NDEs, nor is the presence of drugs. Whereas hallucinations tend to be individual, and produce confusion and hazy memories, NDEs follow a broad general pattern that crosses cultures; they remain in memory for decades as being "realer than real." The research continues.

While you offered explanations, they're just as valid as my theories on it.

This article shows the validity of your claim through REM and sleep cycles, but doesn't rule out a spiritual dimension:

Here's a list of NDEs, in case you can find something interesting:
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