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Originally Posted by thePianoMan View Post
One person comes forward with a report of seeing the afterlife. Everyone has heard the story. It's unconscious persuasion basically.

It's a form of hypnosis. Like for instance, you can sit on a bench with a bunch of people and say...cross your legs. Eventually, nearly everyone on that bench will have their legs crossed. The mind is VERY persuaded by what you've seen or heard or whatever.
This kinda contradicts..

Simple as get fame. Or else he's been brainwashed by religion so much that he believes he went to heaven and had to spread his good word to everyone. He might believe he went to heaven in his mind, and there is no way to prove it or not. It was more than likely a hallucination or a dream though.
that. There would have to be a study on people who are predisposed to near-death experience that experienced near-death experiences, but I see where you're coming from. You could argue that anything experienced at all is us training our mind to think, but then we go into some kind-of 'The Matrix' bullshit.
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