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Originally Posted by DaTrooper00 View Post
(Im pretty sure that y'all will say that this is a hoax or something) But what about the book 90 minutes in heaven? He says that he went to heaven and all of that stuff(me personally have not read the book, so I probally shouldn't be talking about it, but heh.)
And how exactly can he prove he went to heaven? For all we know, he could be lying quite well or took some hallucinogen and believed to be in heaven when really he was high as a kite. Or, he simply was lucid dreaming. I can do the exact same thing: lie or have some weird dream about flying trees eating goats and say I've visited another planet, or that I dreamt I was in fire and went and returned from hell. Either way, I consider that book to be a hoax and anyone who believes it needs to get themselves sorted out.
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