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You don't really get converted to atheism. I am also listed under Christianity on the poll. I kind of think I had similar experiences as he did. I started going to an evangelical group and it just all seemed fake from then on. These forums had nothing to do with it. If you really begin to think logically all organized religion doesn't make sense. I consider myself to be agnostic. I think there is a possibility of there being a higher power out there, but I have absolutely no evidence so I don't see any reason to worship it.

If there is a powerful being out there, what makes you think it cares about us? You probably don't believe life exists anywhere else in the universe, do you? This universe is so vast that why would a God care about one infinitesimal speck? It really makes no sense.
You can argue that through omnipotence, God can and will care about everything that exists. The fact that anything exists (not even considering the miracle that is life) could be a 'proof' of that if you have enough faith in it. Just my thoughts on that. I won't go back into the free will vs. omnipotence thing because it's something athiests and theists alike can't comprehend.

What is there to explain? It's apologetic bullshit? Neither the Qu'ran or the Bible share and "hidden" knowledge of the universe. They certainly contain thousands of vague passages, that in the light of new scientific breakthroughs the religious love to go back to them and re-interpret them to somehow fit in with our new understanding. Don't like that passage just "owned" me There wasn't anything of value in it at all.
I'm interested on your perspective of Deism and general spirituality. I can agree with you that a majority of organized religion is crock of shit, just with the way everything it preached hatefully.
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