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LOOK sum ass is ripping a picture of Bush up!! -watches cyrus tackel and pumble poor bastard- awwwwww its just so cute
that should keep him happy for awhile

A plant has elecity in it,
I consider that to be the soul
So yea they have them

But tell me this how does killing a chicken or a cow any better?
How does mudereing them ONTOP of murdering plants make you better? less guilty then us

I'm diffrent
I don't like meat
The thought of killing or eating something that died for me to eat it makes me feel quilty as hell
The thought of killing something makes me sick (literally)
I tourtered and killed a butterfly when i was 12
I felt horrible for days

The only thing I think I could kill and feel fine about is an armed enemy solider who's trying to kill me...I mean when someone trys to kill you..its like getting slamed in the balls during a fight, its not against the rules but you take it personally!....and i still wouldnt eat'em

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