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Originally Posted by INFERNO View Post
That is true, the beliefs are based on faith and experiences. I have my reasonings for believing that there is no god and you have yours, however, as you said, neither of us know who is correct.

Agreed, christians who take the bible word-for-word are ridiculous. However, I feel that aside from it being ridiculous to believe, it should be abolished all together. It has done nothing except hold back science. Granted, our scientific knowledge and technologies are fairly new but if we were able to continue with scientific experiments at the time when the church was essentially the law, who knows how far we could be today. Perhaps we'd be at the same page as we are today but there's a greater chance that we would have discovered something else, something more and be more advanced. The only thing I can see that something such as christianity brings is happiness or hope or some other crap like that. You can get happiness from plenty of other places or things that don't require believing in something so full of nonsense. Or, if you do wish to believe in christianity for whatever reason, you ensure that you still can reason, be logical, etc... without having to give some stupid statement of "god did it". If you are able to do that and ensure that it doesn't somehow interfere in other ways, then believe if you must.
You can't really get rid of the bible because of the statement 'neither of us knows who is correct', which i do believe you agreed with. If we are correct then the bible is needed.

There is nothing wrong with the satatement 'god did it'. Science is great, it has solved countless mysteries. Its trying to solve the mystery of the universe, but can't decide on what caused the first particle. 'god did it'. Some force, which we would define as God because it started the universe.


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