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Originally Posted by Okay in the Uk View Post
I am meant to be Catholic but i think half the stuff is a pile of crap if you read the stories most of them have serious flaws that contradict what has been set as a rule. I go to a Catholic school but I am not a strong believer in religion I prefer to have solid evidence like science offers so im agreeing with the evolution story because that has proof.
tis great that you have a strong opinion and are set in your faith. But did you know that genesis ch1 is actually just a story to illustrate how the earth developed. Since God is outside time, what is one day to him could be 5,000,000 years to us. And i think it has also been meantioned that adam and eve are a story aswell. This i also believe to be true. They were created to tell a peoples who could not understand science or god the story of the earth and though they are lovely to read, they are just stories. You hear christians say that they are real, these people just give us a bad name.

I think you are correct, evolution did happen... But is it just the unfolding of God's plan as illustrated in Genesis 1?


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