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Originally Posted by pyromaniac View Post
i was masturbating 2day and like got 2 my peak and the there was this stabbing pain in my penis and ass/rectum
is this normal?
ive never ejaculated b4 but got close 2day nd then it was really sore
is tthis normal or should i see the doctor?
I think the pain you are experiencing is because you are pushing yourself too hard, and you might want to take it easier when you masturbate. Perhaps you want to ejaculate so badly that you are pushing your body to cum, and keep in mind that tugging on your penis really hard will no doubt impact it along with your anus. Also, if you use anal stimulation and are a bit rough, then that can be the root of your problem, too.

Basically, just take it easy when you masturbate, and you will ejaculate sooner or later. As long as you are getting an orgasm you are getting most of the experience anyway, and you are really not missing out on anything other than the mess that comes with semen.
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