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I'm A Catholic and a believer of The Holy Trinity (God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit). I have faith, which helps me believe God is real. I was born into being a Catholic which is funny because If I were not born into any religion I would most likely on more open minded on this topic. My life is not guided soley on religion but guided on my conscience (which I learnt that is given to us by God).

I do believe Catholic or not we all have a conscience. We all know the difference between wrong or right. Some consciences are guided by God and all Catholics believe that we have God inside us (but this is hard to explain). But what YOU feel is right is different of what others believe. Our Conscience are different because we all have different views. We make up our conscience on our beliefs or what people we admire tell us, so of course we beliefs are all going to be different because we are all told different things but it is up to us if we believe it.

This is purely my opinion.

It all really depends. I have reliaze this is a topic to big for us to swallow.
This seems as fact because no one knows everything so there are things bigger than us. The unknown is honestly unknown...

*sorry if this offended anyone*
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