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Mhmm, I feel overlooked.

Our Lord Almighty is real it dosent matter if you belive in the bible or the big bang ethier way GOD did it even scientests agree that some greater power caused the big bang or this is the one I belive that GOD created Adam and Eve it happened.
You should probably do more research into how everything happened. Prancing around saying 'GOD DID IT' isn't going to hold a lot of merit in an actual argument.

Scientists for the most part (who are not one being that you can generalize) do not believe in a higher power.
Could you find a source for this? I've seen statistics all over the place, from high to low.

We have absolutely no idea what caused the Big Bang (if the idea of causation is even important at the point, which is unclear), and any scientist that claims to know a greater power caused it at this point in time is a scientist worth ignoring. Sort of like you, someone who obviously hasn't taken very much time to rationally examine your beliefs or expose them to any serious argument.
While I agree it would be insane to call it a law, 'first cause' is about as valid a theory as the Big Bang is. We don't have an extreme amount of information on either, so I don't see how it would completely demerit a scientist to think that a higher power was needed to start the universe up.

I'm assuming these scientists you refer to are christian scientists which are by no means even remotely representative of the scientific community. If a scientists says that some divine creator made the universe and such, they're not objective, and there's a greater chance that whatever they're researching has some bias due to their belief. If scientists do believe this, then prove it. Get me the source or authors or name of a real, genuine, not full of shit paper that shows this. There are plenty out there that show the opposite of what you're saying.
Believing in God isn't some veil that entirely distorts everything someone believes. Just because a scientist believes in God doesn't mean they'll answer everything with 'God Did It.' Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Descartes, Newton, Mendel, and Einstein all had some belief in a higher power (while Einstein is debatable.)

Religion and belief in a higher power is built on faith, there is no proof. You have faith that there is no God and I have faith that there is, but neither of us no, we both just assume we're correct based on our experiences.

Science can answer how, but it can't answer why.

Adam and Eve was a fable written thousands of years ago by people who had no scientific knowledge at all. IMO, Christians who take the Bible as a word-for-word historical document are ridiculous. If you don't understand the context that the Bible was written in, you're using a 2000+ year old philosophy in a modern world and it just can't hold it's weight.

I posted on free will and omnipotence and morality a few pages back.
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