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Originally Posted by weredemon View Post
Our Lord Almighty is real it dosent matter if you belive in the bible or the big bang ethier way GOD did it even scientests agree that some greater power caused the big bang or this is the one I belive that GOD created Adam and Eve it happened.

I'm a Christan
I'm assuming these scientists you refer to are christian scientists which are by no means even remotely representative of the scientific community. If a scientists says that some divine creator made the universe and such, they're not objective, and there's a greater chance that whatever they're researching has some bias due to their belief. If scientists do believe this, then prove it. Get me the source or authors or name of a real, genuine, not full of shit paper that shows this. There are plenty out there that show the opposite of what you're saying. Second, and here's where the fun starts or your claim falls to pieces: where's the proof? Let's say Adam and Eve did exist and they did mate together and make the human race. This would result in massive inbreeding and mutations. This would be rather interesting to have happen and have no mutations that are easily noticed, severe or lethal and that keep occurring. I see by your spelling and grammar, you've taken next to no time to think out your "argument" (I cant actually bring myself to call that nonsense an argument but I don't know a better word to describe it), so next time, think as it'll help you a lot in life. Even god thinks, so be like him and think.

Congratulations for being a christian, I'm an atheist.
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