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Oh I know for a fact that she deosnt like the whole "a group of friends" thing. She told me how one of her girlfriends asked her to a movie like that where the other girl was bringing a guy she liked, but she turned it down becaus eshe didnt want to be part of that. Also I think it would be a bit akward, trying to flirrt with her with my friends around.

I didnt ask her today because my friend who usually goes home with his brother rode the bus today, and I know he would make fun of me for it.

But on the bus he was making fun of her for going to a broadway play (jokingly), and she was like, "Caleb, hurt him for me."(she was laughing of course).

Now im goign to tell myself to do it tommorrow, but i know i wont do it. God, I am so pathetic.
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