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yeah....I wouldn't go to the extremes of spoiling her just cause shes "high maintenance" people call me high maintenance all the time and the time I enjoy most wasn't going to the movies with wasn't anything like was when we went and hung out at the mall and I bought us each a pretzel and an icee and he bought us dip n dots (of course me buying the pretzel was MY idea..I insisted....but I'm like that. She might not like that idea but I'm just because we got to talk....and I got to see all the things he liked and everything and afterwards we came back to my house and ordered a movie on demand (like pay per view if you don't know) It was great!....

(by the way..I didn't get off a ramble..that was my point lol I would do something that gives you a chance to talk..or maybe a movie AND like..somewhere fun ....and like I said..maybe just snacks! maybe not a formal like..dinner or lunch or whatever....hope it helped! good luck!)

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